A homely, intimate and quiet space with everything necessary for the practice of Yoga. We understand Yoga as an experience of self-knowledge, an inner journey to the present moment through the practice of asanas and pranayama. The method we practice is HATTA YOGA, a classic focused on accuracy, alignment and postural correction. We teach in small groups to allow personalised attention for each individual, using support such as blankets, bolsters, chairs, etc. This allows us to adapt the practice of yoga to each person in an individualised way. The practice of yoga is for everyone, without exception.


Diving is an emblematic sport of Almeria´s province, highlighted by its poseidonia´s seabed. The camping´s surroundings are emphasized by its rocky cliffs, where fauna and flora appear, ideal for observing while snorkelling or diving with an oxygen tank. For this we have the collaboration of the Aguadulce Diving Center (belonging to PADI) situated just 3 km away where you can perform dive baptisms, initiation and improvement courses, as well as courses in underwater photography.


The terrain orography where Camping la Garrofa is located, with its cliffs of limestone rock makes it unbeatable for climbing for both beginners and experts. A few metres from the campsite is a climbing area with more than 50 open roads of different lengths, which reach up to a difficulty of 7a+. The website Toskajara.com offers all the information needed for sectors and routes as well as interesting sketches of this area called Bco. of the Garrofa, as well as others of the surrounding areas. In 2014 many of the areas have been restored and new ones have been inaugurated in the Diagonal + Placa Fina sector where the number 13 is dedicated to Camping la Garrofa due to its creators Toscajara & Fina Pérez.


The Mediterranean coast is ideal for these type of sports; both for those who have their own boat and those who wish to experience. The location of the campsite is perfect for practicing water sports. In order to rent equipment and routes in kayak and Paddle Surf you can get in touch with the Aguadulce diving school.


In high season and for the little ones La Garrofa offers different workshop-games where they have the opportunity to have fun playing games as well as meet new friends. These are totally free.