is the information and attention center to the camper.You will be informed there of all of our services, facilities and activities that you can do in our Camping. But we also help you to meet Almería and its environs, With our planes, maps and guides where to consult the schedules, you will find easily the most outstanding directions of main monuments of the city, and routes by the natural places of our Province.


We have parcels to install your tent, caravan or autocaravan on, facing of the sea, with connections of electricity, and zones of parking to the vehicle. All the parcels have natural shade or umbrellas of palm.


Our bungalows have been designed taking care of the architecture of the zone, totally equipped and with a maximum capacity of 5 people. They are made up of porch, hall-cooks, bathroom with an ample shower, hot water, 2 dormitories.


Without a doubt you will spend most of your time in the beach, at any time of the year. It has more than 200 meters in length, and prepared with free parasols of heather for the campers.


Aside you will have numerous common zones where sitting to read, to enjoy the landscape, to chat with friends and to rest. These places and turns make the Camping a place with enchantment.


The Bar-Restaurant, located in the center of the facilities, has ample terraces with pretty views. In it you will be able to taste rich Almeria “tapas” and some typical plates of the zone. For those who consider more functional vacations, also we have a meal of the day at a very reasonable price. The parents will be able to enjoy the food while they see their kids having fun in the infantile park.


Three blocks of toilets and showers, remodelled and modernized with numerous showers, toilets and laundries distributed by the enclosure, thus shortening the way to it from any parcel.


In our Supermarket you can get basic and quality products, to reasonable prices. We also have specific products to the camper life like: candles, mattocks, gas, lanterns, batteries, and for the confused ones we have tents to rent.uibles.