The Campsite is located at the Sea shore, in the cove bearing the same name at the feet of Gádor’s Sierra, in a privileged environment wrapped in a grove of eucalyptuses and diverse autochthonous vegetation. We are only 4km. away of the city of Almeria, in the Southeast of the Iberian Peninsula. Almeria boasts the title of Sunniest Spanish city, with a whole of 3.000 hours of sun a year. The temperature ranges in winter from 15 to 25 C, in summer from 25 to 35 C, and the temperature of its waters in winter is warmer than that of the air, which invites you to the bath in any time of year.One of Almería’s most notable characteristic is its clear and luminous sky.


We are on foot of beach, in the cove of The Garrofa only 4 km away from the capital of Almeria, in the km 435 of the National 340th that passes by the coast between Almeria and Aguadulce. If you have not your own vehicle, a bus stop exists at the entry of the camping with buses every 30 min. aprox. We are 6 km from the train station and (Intermodal) Bus and 13 km from the Airport.

This privileged situation also makes La Garrofa suitable as a center to visit the numerous natural spaces of its environment, standing out: the Natural Place of Punta Entinas-Sabinar, the Natural Reserve of Cabo de Gata-Nijar, the Desert of Tabernas and the Natural Reserve of Sierra Nevada.

    • To the Beach Cala la Garrofa: 0 m
    • To Almería: 4 Km
    • To the Train & Bus Station (Intermodal): 6 Km
    • To the Airport: 13 Km
    • To Parque Natural de Punta Entinas-Sabinar: 19 Km
    • To Parque Natural de Tabernas: 40 Km
    • To Parque Natural Cabo de Gata-Nijar: 24 Km
    • To P.N. de Sierra Nevada: 80 Km